The Aqqaluk Trust awards scholarships to NANA shareholders, their descendents and dependents that are pursuing college and post-graduate degrees and post-secondary education.

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Scholarships are awarded based on a variety of criteria including demonstrated commitment to Iñupiaq values, prior academic performance, and letters of recommendations

Robert Aqqaluk Newlin, Sr. recognized that in order to survive in the changing world, young people must not only have a strong cultural identity, but must also be educated and well prepared for jobs and careers. Robert Newlin, Sr. always encouraged young people to continue with their education and to bring their skills and knowledge back to their people.

And today, thanks to his vision the Aqqaluk Trust is the most important source of educational funding for the NANA region.

Scholarship Deadlines

Semester Schedule

Fall / August 1

Spring / January 10


Fall / August 1

Winter / November 1

Spring / March 1

Summer Session

June 1

Vocational/Technical Scholarships

Must be completed before the first day of class.

"I am a scholarship recipient and can honestly say I would not be in school without the Trusts help! Thank you for supporting my dreams."

Stefanie Armstrong

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"Aqqaluk Trust-imi iluqaan quyanaaġikpisi! I am grateful to everyone at A.T.! Taikuu for the work you do."

Naaqtuuq Dommek

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"Thank you Aqqaluk Trust! NANA, Dr. Lathrop, and all others who have supported my ventures in becoming a dentist. 3.5 more years till I'm back home!!"

Zazell Staheli

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