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Aqqaluk Trust is a non-profit organization that relies on public funds and private contributions to provide programs and scholarships for the benefit of the Iñupiat of the NANA region

The Aqqaluk Trust makes a big difference for young adults.

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Our mission is the driving force of our organization and sole purpose. Supporting Aqqaluk Trust is sustaining the past, present, and future of our Iñupiaq people.

Your donation makes a significant difference in the impact of our programs. Your contribution supports educational scholarships, Iñupiaq language revitalization efforts, and cultural sustainability of the northwest Arctic region.

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As of the 2013 school year, 340 scholarships were awarded to NANA Regional Shareholders, their dependents and descendants. The total dollar amount was about $874,000. This funding would not be possible without the generosity of NANA Regional Corporation, Teck Alaska, Robert Aqqaluk Newlin Sr. Memorial Trust Endowment, and from the many employees that contribute from NANA Development, NANA Regional, AKIMA, WHPacific, Aqqaluk Trust Board of Trustee’s and staff, and many more individual supporters that give anonymously through the United Way Campaign of Anchorage.