Robert Aqqaluk Newlin, Sr. recognized that in order to survive in the changing world, young people must not only have a strong cultural identity but must also be educated and well-prepared for jobs and careers. Robert Newlin, Sr. always encouraged young people to continue with their education and to bring their skills and knowledge back to their people.

And today, thanks to his vision, the Aqqaluk Trust is the most important source of educational funding for the NANA region.

Education & Scholarships

The Aqqaluk Trust awards scholarships to NANA shareholders, their descendants and dependents who are pursuing college and post-graduate degrees and post-secondary education.

Scholarships are issued based on a variety of criteria, including demonstrated commitment to Iñupiaq values, prior academic performance and recommendations from others.

Effective July 7, 2023 and going forward, Aqqaluk Trust will no longer need Budget Need Sheet as part of our scholarship processing

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Did you know Teck Scholarship has expanded their requirement listing?
2023 Expanded degree requirement listing are as follows:

  • AA Business with HR Emphasis
  • AA Environmental Science
  • AA Information Technology, Computer Science
  • AA Process Control
  • BA Business: Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Organizational Development, Public Relations
  • BA Construction Management
  • BA Environmental Science
  • BA Logistics
  • BA Mathematics
  • BA Mechatronic
  • BA Rural Development
  • BA Social Sciences
  • BA Supply Chain Management
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Data Science
  • BS Earth Science
  • BS Engineering, Chemical Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Geological, Geophysical, Geotechnical, Industrial, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Mineral Processing, Instrumentation/Automation/Controls, Mining
  • BS Environmental Geology
  • BS Geological Sciences
  • BS Geology
  • BS Geology
  • BS Hydrogeological/Geochemical
  • BS Industrial Hygienist
  • MA PA Program
  • Voc Commercial Driver’s License
  • Voc Diesel/Heavy Equipment Technology
  • Voc Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Voc Millwright/Industrial Mine Maintenance/Millwright Maintenance
  • Voc Mineral Processing Technology
  • Voc Process Technology/Process Technician
  • Voc Welding/Combination Welding
Iñuunialiqput Department
The Iñuunialiqput Department works toward the preservation and revitalization of our Iñupiaq language, culture and well-being for the people of the Northwest Arctic region of Alaska.
Camp Sivunniigvik
Camp Sivunniibvik helps instill our traditional Iñupiaq values in the minds and character of our youth. Camp Sivunniibvik is for children ages 8-16 years old and is held in July.
Leadership Thru Generations

Our new Leadership Thru Generations Project focuses on training leaders from the NANA region who are deeply rooted in Iñupiat Ilitqusiat values and have a growing knowledge of both Iñupiat and western ways. Our goal is to support thriving future leaders who will lead us with the same character that our ancestors did.

When an Iñupiaq person becomes educated and understands his identity, he can play a vital role and become a leader.
Robert Aqqaluk Newlin, Sr.
333 Shore Ave #201 PO Box 509, Kotzebue, AK, 99752, Ph: (907) 442-1607,