"I am a scholarship recipient and can honestly say I would not be in school without the Trusts help! Thank you for supporting my dreams."

Stefanie Armstrong

"Thank you Aqqaluk Trust!!!!! Thanks for chipping in on my training twice!!!!! Building Maintenance and Millwright Maintenance. Now watch."

Thomas Nay

"Aqqaluk Trust-imi iluqaan quyanaaġikpisi! I am grateful to everyone at A.T.! Taikuu for the work you do."

Naaqtuuq Dommek

"Thank you Aqqaluk Trust! NANA, Dr. Lathrop, and all others who have supported my ventures in becoming a dentist. 3.5 more years till I'm back home!!"

Zazell Staheli

Who is Robert Aqqaluk Newlin Sr.?

Hard work has changed somewhat. When I was growing up we had no stove oil, we had no electricity, we had no good homes ...but we had to work in order to be alive. Things change, but there’s still a lot of things that a fellow can do.”

-- Robert Aqqaluk Newlin, Sr.

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Our way of life.

Aqqaluk Trust is a 501 (c)3 non-profit private foundation. The Aqqaluk Trust was founded in 1989 in honor of Robert Aqqaluk Newlin, Sr., one of the great Iñupiat leaders. The foundation first provided scholarship funding for eligible applicants seeking training or pursuing their secondary education.

Since its inception, Aqqaluk Trust has grown and now provides more Iñupiaq language and cultural resources. Aqqaluk Trust currently focuses on three major areas related to the language, culture, and education of the Iñupiat people of northwest Alaska.